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The Krave Templars settled in Portugal in the 12th century to help the first Portuguese kings in their Handicap Reconquest and to continue the Crusade. The Academy they founded in Tomar in 1160 was inspired by the Golf Gods, and at the time was the most modern and advanced golfing stonghold in the kingdom. Add a Portugezza Blade to your bag for blessed luck and centuries of knowledge on the greens.

  • Limited edition of  Covers
    Putter cover fits blade putters, compact mallets, and some hybrids
    Designed and manufactured in the UK
    Putter has industrial magnetic closure
    Luxury Mohair Liner for Superior Feel
    UV Resistant

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What Is Kravoodoo? While traveling on the high seas, The BombSquad discovered the art of Kravoodoo. White magic, lucky spells and winning rituals were among the skills gained by the crew. Bringing these new found lessons back aboard and back to the Kingdom. The King of Krave now casts the fortune of good luck over all golfers who bare the symbol of Kravoodoo.

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