The Smiley Company


Smiley was created in 1972 by French journalist Franklin Loufrani, who launched a happiness promotion in the France Soir newspaper, using the Smiley icon to highlight good news stories.
For 50 years, The Smiley has shaped the way we share happiness and express ourselves through iconic products found worldwide.
Smiley is an evergreen lifestyle brand that has influenced musical generations, social movements, popular culture and the pursuit of happiness.
Five decades later, Smiley has become more than just an icon, a brand and a lifestyle: it is now a spirit and a philosophy, reminding people just how powerful a smile can be.
It’s KraveGolf’s mission to put a Smiley in every bag. Please feel free to browse our officially licenced Smiley® products at your pleasure. We have Seperated items into 3 different categories below – SmileyOriginals®, SmileyWorld® and SW by SmileyWorld@ Have a nice day!

TM & © 1971 – 2022 The Smiley Company.

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