Mr Sunday

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Picture this Mr Sunday : You’ve just returned from a whirlwind romp through the cobblestone streets of Paris, soaking up the avant-garde vibes and the enigmatic allure of Banksy’s urban masterpieces. Now, imagine infusing that rebellious spirit into your golf game with Mr Sunday.

Now, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout your run-of-the-mill head cover, mate. No, no, no. This here is a rebel with a cause—a fusion of style and rebellion that’ll have you swingin’ like a maverick on the fairway.

First off, let’s talk about Tiger, mate. The man’s made waves, ain’t he? Departin’ from the Nike flock and startin’ his own clothin’ line, Sun Day Red. But hey, who needs swooshes when you can have the sun itself shinin’ on your gear? A man who has faced describable adversity throughout his career and still come out on top!

Behold, Mr Sunday—a cheeky nod to Tiger’s new venture and a tribute to the icon himself. It’s like the Flower Bomber met Banksy for a round of golf and decided to shake up the scene with a splash of rebellion and a dash of class. If you take the time to look deeper and appreciate this art you’ll find the hidden messaging contained.

Crafted from the finest materials this side of the Seine, our head cover isn’t just a shield for your club—it’s a statement. A statement that says, “I’m here to break the mold. I’m here to challenge the status quo and look good doin’ it.”

And let’s talk about style, shall we? Mr Sunday ain’t just another boring accessory for your golf bag. Nah, mate. It’s a conversation starter. A head-turner. With its bold design and unmistakable flair, you’ll be the talk of the clubhouse faster than you can say “fore!”

So, if you’re ready to inject a bit of Mr Sunday’s rebellious spirit into your golf game, look no further than the Mr. Sunday Golf Head Cover. It’s not just a cover—it’s a revolution on the green.

  • Limited Edition 1/15
  • Inspired by Banksy… not endorsed by him!
  • 3D Embroidered KraveLove Logo

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Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 36 × 17 × 3 cm

(L) DRIVER up to 460cc Heads


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