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Welcome to the Kingdom of Krave. Learn how we do things around here. It starts at the bottom with Swashbucklers and runs through the system up to the Golf Gods.

Swashbucklers - The BombSquad - Crew Captain - The Royals - The Hallouminati - Golf Gods

We are also introducing Ports,Docks, Ships & Socialites to our worldwide network | Buy, Sell & Promote our products for handsome rewards.

PORTS = Distributors | SHIPS= Wholesalers | DOCKS = Retail Outlets | SOCIALITES = Influencers

You can begin your journey at any time by registering a free account. From here, you will be able to start building a collection of "FRESH DROPS". If you like what you see... buy, buy, buy to be welcomed into the BombSquad. From here, once you have spent a certain amount on your collection you can apply for an affiliate account to earn commission on your friends purchases. Sign your allegiance to the House of Krave, sign new recruits then you will become a Crew Captain. Prove yourself as a good Captain earning for the cause to join the next level up - The Royal Family. Get this far and you could be hand selected to join our highest rank The Hallouminati (the big cheeses running the world). Each step is rewarded with cash commissions, site discounts, secret rewards and special covers. However, remember... Once you're in, there's no getting out. Betray the kingdom and the Golf Gods will have you walking the plank! Drop off and you will be back to the start. Hard hustlers wanted, preferably alive!


The Golf Gods

The Golf Gods are everywhere. They're looking down on you at all times. Be good, kind, practice well, hustle hard and you shall be rewarded.

You will not see or hear from them. However, you will feel their good spirit guiding you along the fairway.

The Hallouminati

LEVEL 4. The Hallouminati are Krave warriors who battled the dark for your gain.

Hand selected by The Golf Gods, These mercenaries will lead The Kingdom of Krave adding value to pockets of it's collectors.

Get this far and we will reward you handsomely.

The Royals

LEVEL 3. The Royals have Hustled hard, built crews and sold their socks off for the Kingdom. Earn 3% of your crew's orders & gain an extra 2% of your crew's Squad's orders. Receive 15% OFF your purchases.

How? Promote a minimum of 3 Crew Captains, Account Earn Total <£9000, Plus+ Account Spend Total <£3000


Join our crew of influencers and earn commissions from your followers orders. We pay out a fair share of our bounty depending on earnings, followers & variables. It's not all about followers. We work with micro influencers too. As long as you hustle hard, we'll consider you.

Become Affiliate!

Crew Captains

LEVEL 2. Build a crew and earn 3% commission on your squad's orders & receive 10% OFF your purchases.

How? Register as affiliate, promote a minimum of 3 BombSquadies, Account Earn Total <£3000, Plus+ Account Spend Total <£2000

Register Affiliation

The BombSquad

LEVEL 1. Join The BombSquad. BuySellTrade covers, first news, 5% OFF site-wide for life!

How to join! Register an account, Join Telegram Channel, Account Spend of <£1000

Register Account

Sub to our Telegram


ENTRY LEVEL. Anyone can join the Fellowship of Krave. It's no secret... Once you sign up as a swashbuckler and cross the bridge there's no turning back!

Open a free account and start collecting today!

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Distributors can register for account approval via the link below.

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Wholesalers can register for account approval via the link below.

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Retail Outlets can register for account approval via the link below.

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Sleep tight! We ship all of our products worldwide via UPS tracked delivery methods. You can apply for a B2B account for distribution, wholesale and retail territory. Need more help? Contact via the below methods

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